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I was eyeing my dinner companion’s parmesan-encrusted truffle fries while listening to a bunch of 20-somethings talk about their jobs. Some were enthusiastic, some were ready to leave, but all were keenly aware of the skills they were developing and the experience they were gaining. The one...

I was six when my dad dropped a beetle in my hand. It was turquoise blue—a color I've grown to love for its purpose and power in life, especially among Native American cultures. But this beetle was from Egyptian soil.

And its significance outweighed any rolling of the dice in work or in life...

Yup, grass. It sometimes "seems greener" on the other side of the fence. The question is, which fence...and is it time to jump or not?

To leap or not to leap

Lost that spark at work? Not inspired by your company's mission anymore?

Lack of leadership? Lagging industry?

Or perhaps you're i...

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