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I’ve met you, even if you don’t know it yet. You’re highly motivated to learn and apply underlying logic to everyday life. You’re naturally curious. And you don’t give up easily. Ever. Your enthusiasm shows—for figuring things out and for helping others along the way. You’re Launchers (or s...

How many re-tweets define your personal brand? Zippo. Same is true with the amount of "likes" or "endorsements" on your LinkedIn Profile. When it comes to your career, popularity on social media is trumped by your relevant life experiences.

Your brand stems from how you live your life


It seemed like a crazy thing to do. Crawl into a cage with four huge tigers, past the signs warning: "Danger. Do not put anything in the cage. Especially fingers or hands..."

Yup, grass. It sometimes "seems greener" on the other side of the fence. The question is, which fence...and is it time to jump or not?

To leap or not to leap

Lost that spark at work? Not inspired by your company's mission anymore?

Lack of leadership? Lagging industry?

Or perhaps you're i...

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