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We help you find your green space—where the grass is truly your shade of green. The space where you find a job that fits. Where your ideas are appreciated, your contributions valued, and your skills honed.

Our approach is natural and our tools are smart. And cheeky coachbots are there to help you along the way as you build your brand, tell your story, and find your fit.


Teach job seekers how to engage and persuade people in professional settings. Using a game-based approach and peer feedback to simulate the interview process, StoryMason teaches 8 core skills—helping build the competence and confidence to excel.

Understanding what makes you unique and valuable—your skills, personality, interests, knowledge and experience. The building blocks for your personal brand. We help you tell your story personally and persuasively to potential employers and networks. And find your fit, by decoding your past to discover your personal job satisfaction drivers.


Learn how to explore opportunities, and make better decisions about what to pursue and what to pass by. Build the career competence to move gracefully and confidently from one job to the next. Up the ladder or across functions, industries and geographies.

It’s a natural process based on five timeless truths.

One that leads to a lifetime of better choices, challenging and satisfying jobs, and a rewarding career. Where new opportunities flow from prior experiences.

And paths are created, not followed.

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