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How it works

CareerMason works. It turns career novices into career pros. Practically overnight.


Here’s how.


Finding a job can seem like a journey into a strange land where the rules are confusing, the language is buzzwordy, and normal conversations morph into uncomfortable interviews.


CareerMason helps you navigate the talent market and cut through the chaos by using a natural approach based on 5 timeless truths. Focused on the person (you) not the process. On simple stories not tricky forms. And on personal connections not matchmaking by computer algorithms.

It's a mindset shift.


CareerMason does more than educate—it enables.


Proven strategies and powerful tools help you remove roadblocks, activate your internal drive, and develop winning behaviors that let you take control of your career and get the jobs you want.


CareerMason helps you:

  • Quickly develop job-winning core career materials (resumes, cover letters, social media profiles).

  • Break through barriers and connect with interesting people, organizations and job opportunities.

  • Create engaging and persuasive stories that demonstrate your capabilities and experience.

  • Build the skills and confidence you need to excel in interviews and networking.

  • Understand how you are coming across with personality and tone feedback so you can perfect your pitch.

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Simple design. Powerful results.

CareerMason is designed to build career competence quickly and naturally. It has three innovative tools plus a personal profile to keep you on track. And a cheeky career coachbot to guide you along the way.


The first tool is ImageMason, which helps you build your personal brand. What’s that? A personal brand is a promise. About what it’s like to work with you. And how you make people feel. It starts with knowing yourself. And the things that make you unique and valuable. These are the building blocks of your personal brand.

ImageMason has three parts.


SPIKE Profiler identifies your core talents and capabilities. Naturally. Based on experience not assessments.


Revealers use artificial intelligence to provide personality and tone feedback on social media profiles, interview answers, and career materials—helping you understand how you are perceived by others.


AuthenticityChecker ensures that your personal brand reflects who you really are. So you have a genuine, compelling brand.

The second tool is StoryMason, which helps you tell your story passionately and persuasively. It also has three parts.


The Idea Center helps you quickly and easily develop your core career materials (resume, cover letters, online profiles) using has proven formats, templates and techniques.


StoryMaker helps you create engaging and persuasive stories with a simple step-by-step method. So you can bring your talents and accomplishments to life in a memorable way.


With SkillsBuilder, you learn and practice the eight core skills needed to excel in high stakes situations like interviewing and networking. Building confidence for that big day.

The third tool is JourneyMason, which helps you find your fit. It also has three parts.


Fitfinder helps you decode your work experience to identify personal job satisfaction drivers. The things that can make or break a job for you. Including culture, which can determine whether you will struggle or thrive.


OpportunityCreator helps you break through barriers and connect with interesting people, organizations and topics. So you can discover new opportunities. And when one of these opportunities becomes real, this tool helps you make the right call.


PathMaker shows you how to map your career and use your career competence to achieve job satisfaction and economic security.

CareerMason is comprehensive. Which why people like it. But we also made it flexible, so you can jump in anywhere and focus on what matters to you most.

CareerMason isn't just a

career program.


It's a lifestyle.

In addition to helping you find jobs you love, CareerMason helps you develop healthier behaviors around work. You’ll learn how to find a balance that’s right for you and gain control over your career.


It starts with understanding what makes you unique and valuable—your skills, personality, interests, knowledge and experience. The building blocks for your personal brand. Then learn how to tell your story personally and persuasively to potential employers and networks. And find your fit, by decoding your past to discover your personal job satisfaction drivers.


Master the skills and develop the behaviors you need to explore new opportunities. Make better decisions about what to pursue and what to pass by. Build the career competence to move gracefully and confidently from one job to the next. Up the ladder or across functions, industries and geographies.


It’s a natural process based on five timeless truths. One that leads to a lifetime of better choices, challenging and satisfying jobs, and a rewarding career.


Where new opportunities

flow from prior experiences.


And paths are created. Not followed.

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