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StoryMason game kit

Mastering jobtalk program

StoryMason helps career professionals teach job seekers how to engage/persuade people in professional settings. Using a game-based approach and peer feedback to simulate the interview process, StoryMason teaches 8 core skills—helping build the competence and confidence to excel.


The game improves your jobtalk fluency so you stand out and sparkle. 

You can play it alone, but like most things, it is much better with other people. Used by career development groups in the US, England, Scotland, Spain, Germany, South Africa and Dubai to help graduate and undergraduate students, career changers and job seekers of all ages win top jobs.

StoryMason for Career Professionals helps career development advisors, personal coaches, internship coordinators and experiential learning instructors teach job seekers how to engage and persuade people in professional settings.


Show how to tell their stories with poise and passion. Master the art of jobtalk. Improve their confidence and build their personal brands.

Complete with lessons, videos, downloadable files and intended to accompany the StoryMason game kit for use in small groups of career builders.

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