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The game that improves your jobtalk fluency so you stand out and sparkle. You can play it alone, but like most things, it is much better with other people.

StoryMason helps you learn how to engage and persuade people in professional settings. Discover how to tell your stories with poise and passion. Master the art of jobtalk. Improve your confidence and build your brand.

This professional role-play game consists of players introducing themselves through opening statements, answering common interview questions with personal stories, handling unexpected disruptions, and closing with purpose.


  • You will find 63 cards with decoded interview questions, 12 cards with ways to successfully start and conclude conversations, 13 story genre cards, 10 intimidating disrupters, and 10 rating cards covering content and delivery--plus directions, strategy and tips, and special advice for career development teams.

StoryMason game kit

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